the so fun gloves

I recieved a pretty cool birthday present from ryan's aunt sheri. This girl can knit! She has already spoiled mason with a blanket, a beanie, and little blue booties. She knows more about knitting than me and my knitting friends combined and I've picked her brain many times. She's helped me out of a few knotty situations. Plus, she has a knitting group that gets together regularly to knit...how fun would that be? Friends, knitting, wine, good food...um, sign me up.

Anyway, she sent me a gift quite unexpectedly. Check out these fun fingerless gloves. The color is perfect. I've worn them to work everyday since I got them. They are prefect for keeping my hands from having to touch the cold steering wheel in the morning. Plus, they just make me smile. Thanks Aunt Sheri!

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Cindy said...

Those are beautiful! I wish I could knit, I should really try it out!