weeks gone by

It's been a few weeks since I've been around the blog-o. Life has been a little crazy.

Ryan and I took a week long camping trip full of canoeing, waterfalls, and plenty of exploring some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado. It was a great way to wrap up the summer. Then it was time to gear up for school, which started this week. I have a great class full of little second graders. They have been so much fun this week, with so much energy for learning. I am so looking forward to this year for many reasons and it's off to a great start.

Mason has kept us on our toes this month as he has transitioned from a crawler to a walker. He pretty much walks everywhere now and the knees of his clothes are staying in much better shape!

He has also become such an independent eater. He prefers to feed himself these days. And he doesn't want his food cut up, but wants to take bites out of the whole piece. He's getting pretty good with a spoon too. His feet still fit under his tray and that's where they stay for most of his meal. I think it's pretty adorable and I will be a little sad when he grows out of this one.

Some of his latest food experiments include:
~sucking the sauce off his pasta and spitting the noodles back out
~figuring out how to use a straw
~using spaghetti noodles to pick up his cheerios (this one takes a lot of concentration!)
~stacking his cheerios inside the middle of sliced olives
~trying any kind of fruit we give him

All this independent eating and playing with food has led to my new full-time job of trying to keep both the boy and the kitchen clean. It's pretty impossible. Mason has turned into a bath-every-night kind of guy.

My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and getting a hug and kiss from my little guy. Oh, and Ryan having dinner ready. I feel so blessed.


10 bucks

How many canning jars do you think you could get for 10 dollars? I stopped counting at 287. My in-laws got them at an auction in town. They called me and said they had some canning jars for me to pick up. I didn't know that I would be shoving boxes into every inch of my car! For a little while my kitchen was consumed by jars. We washed them all and had them drying on the counters:
and the kitchen table:

Now I just have to fill them (ok, maybe not all of them). I'm glad they are mostly quarts and pints because I can't seem to stop making jam so the last thing I need is more jam-sized jars. You gotta love a good deal.