10 months

Hey, baby Mason. It won't be long before I won't really be able to call you baby anymore! Your one year birthday is sneaking up on us. We are constantly amazed at how much you have grown and changed since that day in June when we brought you home. We thank our Lord every day for you. You've spent a lot of time with family this month, which is a blessing. You continue to cheer us up even on the saddest days.
Mason, at 10 months, you:

~are crawling all over the place (mostly army crawl style, but you're getting the hang of all fours:)
~make so much noise!
~are "talking" all the time, especially in the car
~are learning to clap when we ask you to
~love to play peek-a- boo,
~love scrambled eggs and cheese
~would much rather sit than lay down
~prefer to feed yourself
~can be found playing in your crib when you should be napping
~follow me when I leave the room
~love bath time
~enjoy having your teeth brushed (you still have just 2 on the bottom)
~are still very ticklish
~love to take things out of their containers (towels out of drawers, toys out of their basket, etc.)
~smile all the time
~are very easygoing
~try to pull yourself up on things
~love the wind in your face
Mason, we love you more and more each day.


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