morning walk

I really do love going for a walk in the morning. You probably wouldn't be able to tell that though if you've been watching me the last few weeks because I've gone exactly.....twice. Yep. It's true. But, I'm hoping to get back on track. You see, I love morning walks for many reasons. The weather is great in the mornings...cool, a little chilly even, and beautiful. The sun coming up just makes the mountains glow. And, it's a nice way to start the day. A chance to pray, reflect, and just enjoy God's creation. We are really blessed to live in a place where I can take a walk without seeing a single vehicle. The dogs can roam the dirt road without a leash (which is great since I am usually pushing a stroller these days!) It's a quiet way to jumpstart my day.
So, today...I took Mason for a walk in the sling (the stroller needs air in one of the tires). It was a beautiful Colorado morning. The dogs set out with us...full of energy because...well...the walks have been few and far between lately. As I'm enjoying everything around me and just thinking...I keep having the same thought pop into my head..."what am I going to do if there's a bear on the other side of that hill?" I must also mention that this walk of mine has lots of hills (we do live in the mountains) so at every one I start to get a little more worried. Crazy how your mind can play this trick on you. A lot of bears have been spotted in the area (within a few miles) and I keep thinking "what is a few miles to a bear?" These things travel many miles every day. I've seen plenty of them. Mostly from the car. Not out walking alone with my baby strapped to me:) I finally concluded that I should just be aware of my surroundings and hope the dogs would give me a fair warning! (ps...Java has chased off a few bears and a mountian lion in her day, I'm not sure that Daisy would be much help though...maybe her howling would scare the beast).
When we got home Mason was so cute and cuddly in the sling...and asleep. Of course the minute I stopped moving and got the camera, he woke up. I still wanted to try to take a picture. Do you know how hard that can be? I resorted to the ol' mirror trick (I think these pictures are kinda dumb, but oh well.) Please ignore the just-woke-up-and-haven't-showered-yet-but-went-for-a-walk look I have going on.

And enjoy this precious little sight:)Happy trails. Here's to many more walks to come:)


it's the little things

I'm not gonna lie...it's a little weird staying home while all my friends are going to work and starting school. I love the first days of school...the excited students so full of energy, the new supplies, putting into practice all the new ideas I've pondered over the summer, etc. But this year will be different. I won't be working with those dear 2nd graders until October. It's ok, I know they are in good hands:) Plus, I've got my hands full, busy loving on my little one. I'm completly full of wonder as I watch him grow and am so blessed to extend my stay at home. Even if we have moments like this:

Even when he's mad, I just can't get over how cute he is. Will he ever grow into those chicken legs? I just keep counting my blessings because I know I will have to head back to school all too soon.


going green (and purple)...

...in the garden that is! Here are a few snapshots of what's growing right now...a wonderful mix of greens and purples. Here is our first little bunch of potatoes. The rest of the plants are not ready to harvest yet. These are called Purple Viking.
Next up, some zucchini, green onion, and dragon tongue beans.These dragon tongue beans are not only fun to look at with their purple designs, but they are delicious! You can eat them any way you would eat a green bean. Our favorite is sauteed in a pan with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. We've also enjoyed lots of fresh spinach this summer. Our plants went to seed not long ago so we've pulled them and planted a few more for a fall crop. We've learned a lot more this year about what works for us and what doesn't. I have more to show from the greenhouse (think yellow and orange this time:)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your Monday. I'm home with a fussy baby who has a slight fever and a runny nose. Trying to clean house, but mostly snuggling with the little one!


something new

Hi friends. I have something new to share with you. I have created a new blog just for papercrafting. From now on I will be sharing all my cards and scrapbooking pages at stamps and such. Don't worry, I will still be around here on this blog, as a place to focus on everything else I love. So, of course if you're interested in my yarn projects, garden, baking, and of course Mason, then feel free to stay. I just wanted a separate place to focus on stamping. Please join me over there too!


two months

Little Mason, you are two months old today.

We have so much fun watching all your different expressions. You love to lay on the floor and can entertain yourself for a time. You seem to be exploring the world around you with those big eyes. You have met lots of new people this month and are pretty easygoing in new settings, but at times you can get overwhelmed if there is a lot going on.

You had your first overnight visit to Aunt Kati's and Uncle Chris' house. We had so much fun! You love the tummy turtle mat that they bought you, but you spend most of the time on your back not your tummy since you always roll over.

At two months, Mason:

~you weigh 10 pounds and are 22 1/2 inches long
~you are full of smiles
~you will hold your rattle if we put it in your hand
~you sleep 7 or 8 hours a night, and still love your cradle
~you are still getting used to the idea of baths
~you still roll over from your tummy to your back
~you found your hands and like to suck on your fist
~you love to have your feet rubbed
We love you! You continue to bring us so much joy and we are blessed to have you as part of our family.



I have been working on random projects here and there...mostly while Mason is napping. I borrowed the Mr. Twigster stamp set from my friend Stephanie. I know it's a winter set, but he is just so cute and I decided to make a set of thank you notes while I had him. Come December, I'll be glad to have these...
This weekend we took Mason on his first overnight trip to visit my sister and her husband. We had a wonderful time and Mason did great away from home. We let him explore the grass since we don't have any at our house here in the mountains. I'd say he loves it...

Have a happy day!