turkey day

Actually it was turkey day times two. First we ate at our house with Ryan's side of the family. Mason was pretty much into the rolls and the cranberry sauce. Then we headed over to my aunt's house for another meal on Friday with my side of the family.

Mom came for the whole week which was pretty awesome. She brought Einstein's bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. She made dinner. She washed dishes. And she cleaned my bathtub! Mason had a ball with Nana. They played and played and played. He loved the crayons and coloring book she brought. I can't wait for her to come back again at Christmas time.

My sister and I were having too much fun with the whole being pregnant together thing. We loved having her and her husband spend a few days at our house. There was lots of hot chocolate, giggling at mason, games, and staying up way too late.

Speaking of how much I love my sister...check out her new blog-0 here. Isn't it cute?



As I have a quiet moment to myself this morning I realize I have so much to be thankful for! Good friends, a job that I love, my sweet family, the list could go on and on. Today we are having a meal with ryan's parents and grandparents along with my mom. It's the first time I've prepared the Thanksgiving meal at our house. I'm so thankful for our little home and all the many hours we've (especially ryan) put into making it what it is. It's come a long way from the "barn" it was four years ago.

Of course I'm thankful for this special little guy. He brings us so much joy every single day. And I'm thankful for our little baby girl who greets me each morning with kicks and punches! Can't wait to meet you in March:)

Most of all, I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior and the many ways He has been working in the hearts of myself and my family. Happy Thanksgiving!



I got to spend all day Friday with my best friend, Mindy. We made a lovely mess which included lots of yarn, baby toys, clam chowder, more yarn, cookies, and a few cards. It was wonderful!

Mason was so sweet to little Olivia. He kept trying to give her a hug (and only knocked her over once:) He did a pretty good job of sharing his toys too (even his beloved links!).

Mindy and I had some great conversations and laughs. I love that we can just pick up where we left off when we get together. I also love that we have little babies in the mix now too. Although we did consider getting a sitter the next time we try to get together and work on some projects...


little feet

One of mason's favorite things to do is to pile all of his toys on the couch and then climb up and play with them. Lately his links have been the object of his focus. But don't you dare link them together in a chain. He prefers them all separated. This way he can put them on his feet! He's so proud when he fits them on just right.
He keeps adding more and more, concentrating and giggling the whole time.

He's keeping himself entertained, but ryan and I are pretty amused at the whole thing too!



It was a beautiful Saturday here! Mason and I spent the afternoon outside checking on the seedlings in the greenhouse, playing with some wood from the pile, and blowing bubbles. We enjoyed the sunshine as much as possible.

He also took two really good naps which allowed me to clean and organize, which is a never-ending project around here. I also got caught up on the laundry which is always a good feeling. Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!


little froggy

Mason was pretty much the cutest little frog ever for Halloween. Once we got his costume on he didn't really want to take it off. He wore it to the carnival at school on Saturday and then we went to some friends house for dinner. He pretty much wore it until it was time for bed. Then he played some more on Sunday after we put it on again.

After we put the little hat on we kept noticing that his hair was a little disturbing in the back. I'm not sure if I'm ready to attempt another haircut, but it's about time!

Love this little guy!