We're not really sure what season it is at our house.  We had snow over the weekend, our house is filled with pumpkins, cinnamon, and apples and we're still enjoying fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse.  

I love these goofy kids.  Mason wanted to wear his awana vest.  Then of course Emma needed a vest.  And with the vest always comes a hat.  I love those tomatoes too.  They are some of the best ones we've had yet. 



On our way to visit my little nephew, we stopped for a bit to visit with my best friend, Mindy, and her family.  We started the morning with coffee at quite possibly the most crowded Starbucks I've ever been too.  Luckily we scored a huge table out of the way where the kiddos could sip their hot chocolate while we visited.  Then it was off to the pumpkin patch.  
They were totally into the smaller pumpkins that they could carry all by themselves.  Livvie was also very into the goats and spent most of her time feeding them.  Mason and Emma weren't about to get close to them, which was a little amusing. 


 We are so thankful for this sweet family and the special times that we get to spend together. 


little nephew

Last weekend we set off to visit the newest member of our family, our sweet nephew, Cody William.  He is just too adorable.  I love this picture of him and his pretty mama.  She didn't actually get to hold him much while we were there because everyone else wanted a turn!  

 We packed those two short days with as much cousin love as possible. 
We cracked up at Emma's don't-you-dare-try-to-talk-to-me-I'm-holding-the-baby  face.  She literally didn't move a muscle until I tried to steal Cody back and then she let you know that she was NOT done holding him yet. 

 We played trains.  Lots and lots of trains.
 We tore up the house with countless rounds of ring around the rosie.  Lots of giggles, squeals, and screams.  Jackson had so much fun playing with his cousins.  My sister couldn't believe how loud everyone was.  I just smiled and said "welcome to my world."  Oh how I love my sister.  I loved chatting about going from one to two and all the changes it brings.  

We tried on our new snow gear.

 We tried to get a picture of all four of them.
We played outside.  Enjoying the sunshine while playing in the sandbox and raking the leaves at Nana's house.

Such a fun weekend punctuated with the longest drive home ever.  I think Mason stopped to go to the bathroom about as much as we stopped for coffee.  I can't wait until we can do it again!


in the kitchen

We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately.  Which is nothing new.  It's one of our favorite places to be.
Last Friday it was english muffins.

Then Wednesday it was letter crackers with Grammie. Mason loved spelling (and eating) his name.

And Wednesday night it was apples.  Oh the apples!  We ended up with way more apples than we were planning on.  We bought the winter banana (weird name, but they are sooo good) apples on the back counter from an older couple in a nearby town.  The three huge boxes on the table were given to us for free a few days later from another family with extra apples from their trees.  So, that means many evenings will be spent putting them up.  Applesauce, apple pie filling, and apple chips will soon be filling our pantry. 

This morning it was pumpkin bread.
I love my little helpers!


little sis

 I just love watching these two play together.  Mason can be so sweet and gentle with his "little Emma."    He is always looking out for her (except for those moments when he is tackling/screaming at/tormenting her of course.) 

When I went to pick them up from daycare today they came walking into the house holding hands and smiling.  I can't help smiling too.