mini breakfast puffs

I am in love with pioneer woman's cookbook. I've been trying all sorts of recipes. It's not exactly my most healthy cooking, but you just got to mix it up every now and then.
Take these french breakfast puffs for example. Little muffins rolled in butter and cinnamon and sugar. Yum! I did add a little wheat flour. And I made them in mini muffin cups instead of regular muffin cups, so I wouldn't feel so bad about eating 2 or 3. I figure that equals about one regular muffin, right?

Umm, did I mention all the butter and cinnamon and sugar? Good thing I ended up taking most of these to church because I don't have that kind of self control:)


running wire

Ryan and I spent yesterday working on the addition. Well, at least part of yesterday. We also worked in our greenhouse, planted some seeds, and separated our aloe vera plant which is growing like crazy. Then we went to dinner with Ryan's parents.
Our pile of wire is getting smaller as more and more of it is making its way through the walls to the various outlets. It's fun to decide where everything is going to go. I'd like a switch here, please.

I'm getting pretty good at holding the wire and Mason. Pretty much my only job yesterday was to keep the wire from getting tangled as Ryan pulled it all over the house. The living room is done and this afternoon Ryan is working on the bedrooms.

Mason was a big help!


lemon madeleines

This pan has been sitting on my counter ever since Mindy gave it to me a couple weeks ago.

I finally had time to make some madeleines yesterday morning. They were quite easy. I followed the recipe that can be found here. They turned out light and cakey with just a hint of lemon. Next time I might try the orange zest instead of the lemon and dip the tips in chocolate.

Not much to say today. I have an insane amount of yarn and fabric to put away from my trip to the big city yesterday and lots of projects to start. But it's Saturday. And Ryan's home. That means we are working on the addition while trying to stay warm:)



It's crazy how when I least expect it, I hear or see something that reminds me of my dad. Take last night for instance. Ryan and I were watching Friends on our laptop (we don't have a TV:) and when it was over I decided to check my email before going to bed.

I had an email notifying me that a subscriber had unsubscribed from my blog. I opened it and there was my dad's email address staring back at me. It was his work email and I am assuming that they closed the account. Then the tears just started falling (much like they are now as I type this). I miss him so much. I miss him reading my blog. I miss him seeing pictures of Mason and calling to tell me how cute he is and how he can't wait to meet him. I miss him commenting on all my cooking/baking posts. Whenever we talked he would ask me what kind of bread I was baking or what recipe I was going to try next. And then he would always joke that I should send him some.

I spent most of last night and this morning thinking about: my dad. And cooking. And his comments on my baking posts. And my dad. I made madeleines (post tomorrow!) and thought about how great it would be to tell him about them. Or send him some.

Then I remembered that I use to cook for him when I was little. Ok, not really cook, but more like make. When I was little, I loved to make my dad special sandwiches. I would open the fridge and take a little bit of everything (and I mean everything) I could find and slap it between two slices of bread. Then I would proudly carry it to my dad and wait for him to take a bite. He always acted like they were so good. Umm....gross. Sorry dad. But, thanks for making me feel so special as you ate my sandwiches that I lovingly prepared.

I wish I could make you another one.



This might not look like much to you (it barely even resembles a scarf) but it is the humble beginnings of an afghan. Shocked? I am. But I am going to finish this. I've been wanting to crochet a big, fun afghan for about forever and now I have the perfect excuse.

It will be making it's way to a dear friend as a wedding gift. Now, if you'll excuse me I have some major work to do:)



This is how I spend a least two of my nights each week. Making baby food for the little one. Ok, it doesn't take a whole night...but it does take some planning and preparation. I love making his food though. I love giving him new things to try. And call me crazy, but I love seeing all the different foods lined up in the freezer. Ready for him to devour so we can start all over again:) Tonight's menu: acorn squash, broccoli with potatoes, and zucchini. Yum!


be mine

Have a happy love day:)


8 months

Dear Mason,

How does it feel to be 8 months old? Yeah, I thought so. You are loving life. And doing a pretty good job of keeping us on our toes. We just can't get enough of you and we are so thankful for the joy you bring to our lives.

At 8 months, Mason, you

~scoot all over the floor and our laps
~are still toothless:)
~can pick up foods and feed yourself

You love your bathtime. When we lay you on your back you love to kick both legs at the same time. When you are sitting up you love to splash and play with your toys. When you grab your washcloth it goes straight into your mouth.
And you are such a bundle of energy when you get out of the tub. It's one of our favorite times of the day. We put you on the bed and play and play. You are so much fun, giggling and squirming all over the place.
It takes forever to get your lotion and your pajamas on, but we don't mind.
~you love all foods
~you can say dada and mama (but don't really know what they mean...except for mama of course:)
~can get up on all fours, but haven't figured out that you can crawl
~love to point to things with one finger
~are obsessed with anyone with buttons on their shirt

~smile almost every time we get out the camera
~are a happy, mellow baby
~talk all day long
~are known to cry when I leave the room (it's ok, dude...I will be right back)
~sleep in the car
~love to be outside
~love to look at all the new things surrounding you

Mason, you are such a sweetheart. Your smile melts my heart. I love you so much and am so thankful for you.




Ryan and I spent Saturday on this little trail. We finally squeezed in a snowshoeing trip. Snowshoeing is one of my favorite things about winter. We went with our two friends, Tim and Megan, but Tim has all the group pictures on his camera.

Java had a blast. She spent most of the time eating the snow and running ahead of us. She is an awesome trail dog. I love that she gets to go with us.

I thought I would be really cool and venture off the trail into some really deep snow so Ryan could take my picture with Java. I totally fell down and could not get up. Each time I tried I just sank further in. I ended up just "swimming" back to the trail so I could get up.

I can't wait until our next trip! Bring on the snow:)


love. limes.

Have I mentioned that I love this guy?

Have I mentioned that he loves limes? And all things sour?
He's all about the lime. And I'm all about a few minutes to make dinner. A win win I'd say.

Well, after school today I am off to CCIRA (a reading conference in Denver) with my friend Stephanie and some other teachers from our school. It is always a good time and I'm looking forward to it. I get so many new ideas for my classroom. That, and some girl time. Mason gets to stay with Nana. Steph and I are also going to meet up with Mindy and her little pregnant self:) A fun couple of days for sure:)