trim the tree

We decorated our Christmas tree last Sunday.  On Monday Mason learned all about trimming the tree at preschool and since then he has informed everyone who talks about decorating a tree that it's called trimming the tree.  I always love getting the ornaments out and remembering the different times we received them.  

 The highlight of their day is doing the advent calendar before bedtime.  I guess it's alright that I haven't gotten around to wrapping any presents yet since this is their new favorite hangout. 
We're loving these cold wintery days.  We made eggnog bread for breakfast and a good friend of ours is coming over to can cranberry sauce before we start on our list of Christmas cookies to bake. 


giving thanks

It's December (yeah!), but here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday.  We had some major awesome family time from Thursday all through Sunday.  I loved seeing my little ones play with their grandparents and great grandparents.  They spent most of their time hunting all the elk in the forest and making elk stew and elk rootbeer.  And playing train conductor. 

 My family came on Friday and we had tons of cousin time full of staying up way too late playing games, getting up way too early with the little munchkins, eating turkey and cinnamon rolls, having snowball fights, playing trains, building snowmen, and just being together. 

 So thankful for my sweet family!