sew little time

I bought some fabric a couple months ago with the intent of working on some projects over spring break. Well, I worked on a lot of projects, but sewing, unfortunately was not one of them. So, the fabric still sits in my stash.

This fun purple polka dot beauty is waiting to be transformed into a couple pillowcase dresses.

Here is a picture of a some of these dresses I made last year. I didn't take a picture of the finished project for some reason. I loved this fabric!
These pretty fabrics are for some aprons. I have two aprons that I adore. I love them because they were handcrafted by two special people (hi caroline and lacy!) and the fabric choices are so fun (and a little retro). I'll have to take a couple pics soon. While I'm waiting to start on these.
Loving the blue and brown.
Oh, but these are fun too.

Well, spring break is not over until Tuesday, but I'll be surprised if I get to these. That's ok because the rest of this break will be filled with enjoying the outdoors! Today is antique shopping and lunch with my two loves and then dinner with friends. The rest of the weekend should hold snowshoeing, hot springs, shopping, and family! What are your Easter plans?

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