Hey everyone!  It's time for some changes around here, don't ya think?  This blog has seen many changes...from a card blog to a family blog.  From a young married girl to a mom of three precious children.  From a plot of 6 acres of land to a house with an addition, gardens, a greenhouse, and animals.  A little place to record the bits and pieces of our life.

I mostly blog for myself.  I love recording what we're up to and having a space for photos and thoughts that we can keep coming back to.  I'm thankful for a way to stay in touch with friends and family too!

Well, I plan on continuing to do just that, but I'm moving over to a new blog.  I'm changing things up just a little with a new format.  I'll leave this blog up, but I won't be posting here anymore.  If you'd care to join me, please hop on over to down our county road.

See you soon!



The tomatoes are still coming in.  We figure we've gathered over 100 lbs from the greenhouse so far.  We've been loving lots of fresh tomato sauce, tomato soup, caprese salad, BLT's and salsa.  Lots of salsa.  We've canned 30 pints so far, with plenty left over from each batch for eating on the spot.

We still have lots of almost-ripe tomatoes hanging on and numerous green ones.  We're holding out for the first frost to hit the greenhouse and then it will be time for green tomato pie! 


a day out

One of our recent days out before the weather starts getting colder. We all love being outside.  Mason and Emma listened to the different squirrels and birds chirping and chatting as they wandered around.  They explored favorite paths and made new ones. 

 Emma comparing her hand to the bear print we found in the mud.  They thought this was pretty cool.
Playing in what's left of the creek.

We are hoping to get out again to enjoy all the fall colors before the snow flies.