peas & parsley

We spent some time in the greenhouse this weekend.  We picked our first batch of peas and turned them into a yummy stir-fry.  Mason ate plenty of them right on the spot, carefully picking each pea out.   

We also had an insane amount of parsley that has gotten a little out of control.  We finally trimmed it back to a managable size and whipped up a double batch of parsley pesto. I'm thinking it will be great tossed with some homemade noodles. 

The greenhouse is their favorite place to play.  I'm so glad we decided to have it open up to the house.  I love to see them all covered in dirt, helping to gather food to add to our meals. 


of fishing

 On Friday we decided at the last minute to pack up the car and meet some friends for a couple hours of fishing.  It was a little chilly and windy when we left our house, but it was lovely at the lake. 

Emma enjoying the sunshine!
Mason fishing with Uncle Tim

In big news....Mason caught his first fish!  He wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but after we let it go he couldn't stop talking about it.  Nikki had been catching all the fish up to that point and Mason kept exclaiming, "I caught a whole fish!  Nikki shared one with me!"  Way to go, little guy!


weekend work

We're busy enjoying the weekend!  We've spent as much time outside and in the greenhouse as possible.  We've gotten a lot done, yet it seems like we've had lots of time relaxing together.  I've cleaned out and rearranged kitchen drawers and cupboards (much to Mason's dismay), made bread and granola, studied for my National Boards test, done lots of laundry and tried a few new recipes.  I love time at home, with no plans inparticular.  Time for impromtu picnics with Grandpa and Grammie. Time for movie night and chocolate with Ryan.  Oh, sweet weekends!            


ladybugs and life

We have lots of new friends living in the greenhouse. Hundreds of ladybugs actually.  They are happily munching on the tiny problematic aphids.  Mason couldn't wait to put them out there.  We kept telling him we had to wait until it warmed up a bit.  As soon as the sun starting poking it's way through the windows he was ready to let them out. 

Emma waited in the doorway, peeking in and giggling. 

Mason has spent a lot of time checking on the little bugs.  Little bits of new life crawling around our greens. 

The snow finally melted enough for a long family walk this morning.  I asked Mason if he knew that the Easter Bunny was coming tomorrow.  He replied, "A bunny?  In the house?  That's silly!"  I told him that he might leave a present for him.  He said, "You mean he's going to take some eggs from the chicken coop?" Haha.

Last night after a powerful Good Friday service Mason said he wanted to read his "Jesus Book." We read the story about Jesus dying on the cross.  He told me it was a sad story and I told him that he was right, but that in a few days we would read the happy story.  Mason was up before the sun this morning.  I set him up with a blanket and some books on the couch while he waited for everyone else to wake up.  Later when I came to check on him he told me he was trying to find the sad story because he wanted to look at the pictures again before we read the happy story.  That's where my heart has been today.  Thinking about the cross, remembering the picture in my mind, and waiting to rejoice!


good friday

Last Friday Emma and I had a girl's day with Grammie.  We celebrated Grammie's birthday over lunch at a coffee shop and then proceeded to drive all around town to find a yarn store that it turns out we could have walked to from the coffee shop.  At least we got a good laugh and Emma got a little catnap in the car.  Of course, I forgot my camera.  But while us girls were hanging out together, Mason and daddy were hanging out too.  A little time in the garage to "work on" their chainsaws.

It's hard to believe a whole week has passed and here we are on Good  Friday.  I've spent a lot of time this Holy Week reflecting on God's grace and love that He poured out for us.  I had a great discussion at bible study last night that gave me a new perspective.  I'm looking forward to some time with family this weekend, celebrating Easter. 


little lamb

We had a little lamb birthday party for Emma yesterday.  It was such a blessing to be surrounded by close friends and family to celebrate her birthday.  It was so nice to just hang out and be together.  All the kids kept us plenty entertained.   

Emma loved her cupcake.  She wasn't sure what to do with it at first, but once she tasted it there was no stopping her.

She also had a blast opening her presents.  She got a little help from her friends, which was sweet.

The sunglasses were a big hit (thanks marylin!).  Mason got some too. 

It's hard to believe your first birthday has come and gone.  What a special day with special people.