greenhouse life

It's been fun watching all the sprouts take off in the greenhouse, mixed in with some of our veggies that we had over the winter. We learned a lot this winter and next year will be even better!

Look at that garlic! We planted it last fall. It's our first time growning garlic. We have three different kinds. I love cooking with fresh garlic. Yum!

Spinach doing its thing.

This romaine-type lettuce is so good! It's called forellenschluss lettuce. It's speckled with red and so yummy! It gets pretty big leaves, this one is just a baby.

More lettuce. Check out all those little ones in the back. Yeah!
We also have carrot, radish, pea, turnip, and green onions sprouting, but they are pretty small still and the pictures wouldn't be that great. It's fun to hang out in the warm greenhouse, especially when you look out the greenhouse and see this:

Hurry up winter and melt away:)

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Cindy said...

How awesome is your greenhouse!! Love it! The garlic looks like fun to me :)!