My sister, cousins and I did the Color Run last Sunday.  The whole experience was a blast.  We stayed up way too late the night before laughing about unicorns, rainbows, and general catching up.  Jeb was a trooper and took a million pictures of us during the race.  
 By the end, we were definitely covered in color!

 Our goal was to run the whole race....and we did!  Now I think I'm hooked on this 5k business.  I would totally do it again (hopefully all together!) 



Last weekend we went camping with the fams.  We loved hanging out with Nana, Uncle Chris, Aunt Kates and of course, the cousins!  We camped near Beaver Reservoir.  It was the perfect spot for the kids to run around and play.  
Everybody wave with Nana.  Or not.

Mason was all about helping and using the tools.  He almost always had a shovel or bucket in his hand.  They had fun collecting rocks, pinecones, and firewood.  Then daddy helped him use the hatchet. 



 We went fishing at Brainard Lake.  The kids fished for a while, but mostly played in the water.  We didn't catch anything, which was a bummer.  But it was really fun. 

Until a certain someone fell in the lake.  Sorry about all the screaming, fellow fishing peeps. 

 Although our camp spot was pretty cool, it was a tight squeeze.  All hands on deck to help get the camper through.  Aunt Kates and Uncle Chris did all the hard work.  I snapped a few photos. 

 It was a great weekend.  Mason's favorite part was the s'mores.  He could hardly believe that we made them on a real fire in the ground! Emma's favorite part was taking care of baby Cody.  So glad we could get out and get camping!



 Our "baby chicks" (as we still call them) starting laying eggs.  Ryan found the first one.  Now we're getting several a day.

 Mason's new favorite thing is gathering the eggs.  Several times a day he puts his shoes on and announces that he's going to check for eggs. 

We're enjoying the variety of colors and lots of scrambled eggs!



Mason's first day of preschool.  
He had a blast.  I had morning recess duty, so he had to hang out with me for a couple minutes before the preschool opened.  He was super excited all morning.  When we got outside and he saw all the big kids he held my hand a little tighter, but didn't stop smiling.  I dropped him off and he joined right in.  I gave him a big hug and he was on his way.  
 Emma had to get in on the picture taking too.  She did awesome this morning.  I dropped her off at daycare all by herself.  She turned to Mason before getting out of the car and said "Have a good day at school Mason, see you at lunch."  Then she went right inside and after I left she waved from the door.  It was more than I could ask for really, since I leave her crying more often than not. 

 Sayings from the preschooler when he got home:
~I made lots of friends today...about like 12.
~I called you on the phone mommy.  But it was a fake one.
~Me: Do you want to go back tomorrow?  Mason: Yes!  They have to teach me every day!
~We didn't get to write our names.  Our teacher had to do it. (This came from his carpool buddy, Lucy.)
~Me: What do you want to learn at preschool?  Mason: How to jump rope.
~Mason: I really need a lunchbox to bring to school.  Me: But you don't eat lunch at school.  Mason: I'm just getting ready for kindergarten, mom.

You are so excited to learn and have fun.  We are proud of you!