This pretty much sums up our weekend. 
Lots of friends.  Lots of giggles.

Oh, and not pictured...the sweet little puppy that will be settling into our crazy life in a couple weeks.


her umbrella

A girl and her umbrella. 

Now we're just waiting for some rain!


butterfly birthday & easter

We spent the weekend celebrating Emma's birthday and Easter.  Emma's party was sweet and fun.  Emma was a little overwhelmed by all the people and was pretty quiet through the whole thing which was so unlike her.  She had fun opening her presents and Mason tried his best not to help unless she asked.  

 After the party cousin Karly stayed and helped all the little cousins dye Easter eggs. 

 Jackson couldn't quite get enough of the dirt! 

It was so fun celebrating together with my sweet family. What a gift Christ has given us through His death and resurrection.