snow day

It snowed all weekend and today we woke up to this.  Actually I woke up at 5:30 as usual and about 30 seconds later I got the call from our school district that school was cancelled.  Awesome!  I crawled right back in bed.  

So today will be spent at home and will probably be a repeat of yesterday: 

We're loving an extra day at home.  It makes for a very short week, with just school tomorrow.  I should probably grade papers and clean the house.  But we're busy playing the piano, throwing snowballs, drinking hot cocoa, and baking bread.  Is it too early to start Christmas cookies?


tomato herbed pizza crust

It's no joke that we like our pizza around here.  We usually  have it about once a week.  We love just about anything and everything on it too.  The kids mostly beg for olives.  We have a new crust that we really like now too.  Just substitute half of the water in your favorite pizza dough recipe with tomato sauce.  Then chop up some fresh herbs and knead them into the dough.  We used basil and parsley in this one. 

My little helper: