10 months

Happy 10 months baby girl! It's hard to believe we are only a couple months away from you turning one!

This has been a big month for you! I don't know if I'd officially call you a walker yet, but you sure are close! You mastered taking two steps a couple weeks ago and now you take four or five steps before falling into the arms of the nearest person. You still love to stand and I am amazed by your balance. You can play with your toys and clap while standing in the middle of the room. I think you'll be taking off, walking at full speed in no time.

You also still love to eat. You eat three square meals a day and often have a couple snacks in between. You love to eat all sorts of food. Your favorites right now are eggs, bread, olives, fruit, cheese, lentils, and noodles. It's fun to watch you pick up every little piece and put it in your mouth. So far you seem to favor your right hand.

You are such a happy baby. I'm happy to report the super loud shrieks are becoming less and less, but every now and then you let one out. Especially if your tray is empty and you want more food. You are pretty good about signing for more too.

Ba ba ba is still your favorite sound, but this month you have also said grandpa (or something very close:), dada, and mama. You also say something very close to patty cake when you clap your hands.

One of your favorite things is when Mason wrestles with you. You both roll around on the floor squealing with laughter. Anytime he is giving you attention (which is most of the time) you are full of smiles and laughs. You spend a lot of time "driving" his cars and trains along the floor and playing with his tools.

You are learning so much Emma! It's such a treat to watch you grow and change with each passing month.

At 10 months, you:
~are learning new words
~are mostly walking
~take two naps
~usually wake up once or twice during the night
~had your first sick visit to the doctor with a double ear infection
~follow us all around the house
~drink from a cup (but are still figuring out how to hold it yourself)
~sleep in the car
~can hang out in the nursery during church
~are so full of smiles

You are such a sweet blessing, Emma girl. We love you!


old made new

Ryan and I are slowly working on our list of house-related projects. Quite a while ago (I don't exactly remember when) Ryan picked up this dresser for $1.00 from an auction. It really wasn't in that bad of shape, but we wanted to spruce it up a bit for the kiddos' room.

After a good cleaning and a couple coats of spray paint, we ended up with this:

Not bad for a couple bucks.

Their room is slowly coming along. I have a few ideas for some wall art, I just need to find the time to work on them. Any exciting weekend plans? Our weekends always seem to fill up with family, friends, cleaning, baking, and playing together. This weekend will probably be no different.



I sort of unintentionally took a little break from the ol' blog. I didn't really mean to, I just found myself spending my time doing other things rather than being on the computer. It was actually kind of nice. But, I do miss documenting the little things that make up our life. So how have we been spending the last few weeks (besides fighting some serious sickness and lack of sleep)?

We've taken a few small road trips and spent a great deal of time with family and friends.

Emma girl has been devouring food. She hasn't met something yet that she doesn't like but she is certainly taking a preference to feeding herself rather than being fed. She loves finger foods and does surprisingly well with only two teeth. We've been making homemade coffee creamer (and consuming lots of caffiene, thanks to the sleepless nights).

I'm in the middle of way too many projects at school and am very grateful for my wonderful parent volunteers.

Mason has been busy pulling trucks out ditches and taking them to the carwash to clean all the mud off.

We've been enjoying lots of eggs from our chickens. Lots of greens from the greenhouse too.

Mason's been busy fingerpainting and covering every piece of paper he can find with stickers.

We've been trying several homemade cracker recipes.

We've been reading lots of books. Sitting by the fire. Just hanging out and enjoying January (especially now that the ear infections and flu are a thing of the past.) What have you been up to?