Happy Birthday sweet Emma-girl!  What a fun two years this has been!  You are so full of energy and personality.  You are a constant source of joy and entertainment. 
You are also stubborn.  You know exactly what you want and won't stop until you get it.  You can express yourself well.  You talk in (mostly) complete sentences and have an ever-growing vocabulary.  You amaze us with the words you use.  When you are doing something you know you aren't supposed to (like spitting during dinner) and we ask you to stop, you usually respond with "I was just pretending!" When you don't want to do something you usually say "me no do that" and whenever I'm in the kitchen you pull up a chair asking to help. 

You love to sing and make up your own songs by combining bits and pieces of all the songs you know.  Some of your favorites are Jesus Loves Me, ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You love to color and paint.  You love to work alongside Mason and daddy.  Just yesterday Mason led you all around the yard on an adventure looking for rocks.

You can count to 20, know most of your colors, and are always on the move.  You hardly have any interest in movies.  You would rather look at books, play with your dolls, or fix something with your tools. 
 You seem to always have a mischievous gleam in your eyes.  You are spunky and full of attitude, but we can't imagine you any other way.  You are also so tender when you are petting Daisy or the baby chicks and you have a soft spot for all other babies you encounter. 

You eat most anything but you really like fruit, fried eggs, olives, granola, oatmeal, and cheese. 

You love for us to sing Rock a my Baby (rock-a-bye baby) every night before you go to sleep.  You sleep with your favorite stuffed animals and blanket and are finally starting to sleep through the night.  You are an early riser and are rearing and ready to go as soon as you wake up. 
We can't get enough of your chubby cheeks, crazy giggles, huge smile, and fun personality.  We love you so much.  Happy Birthday!



baby chicks

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.  Twenty-seven little chicks.  Mason just couldn't believe that we got a box of chicks in the mail.  Emma won't leave them.  We have to start saying goodbye a good five minutes before we actually have to leave because she has to tell each one goodbye.  
Mason wasn't so sure about holding them at first, but after seeing Emma's excitement he decided to join in.  

We got six different kinds (red ranger broilers, buff orpingtons, brown leghorns, barred rock, partridge rock, and araucanas) but it's a little hard to tell them apart right now, excpet that some are yellow, some are brown with stripes and some are almost all black.  There's lots of peeping coming from the garage and we're staying busy checking on them.  It's a good thing we have such good helpers!


cousin week

Ryan's brother and his family spent this past week with us while they were on spring break.  Mason and Emma had so much fun playing with their cousins. And Ryan and I loved some adult conversation with some of our favorite people. 

There was never a dull moment. We crammed in as much playing as possible. 
We cooked. 
 We played the piano.
We filled our arms.
 We built and flew wooden airplanes with Uncle Luke.
 We planted seeds in the greenhouse.
We read books.
We celebrated birthdays and satisified our sweet tooth with these. 
 We blew bubbles. 

We made Easter cards with Grammie.

We did play-doh. 
 We watched movies. 
What a blessing to get to spend time together.  We can't wait until we can see them again.


on the phone

This girl can turn just about anything into a phone.  Most recently, the calculator and a domino. 

And when an actual phone rings, she always wants to talk.  Luckliy we have great friends and family members that indulge her.  And as soon as she says "bye-bye, I wove you" she asks for the phone right back so she can talk with her other ear.  She usually repeats the exact same things she just told you, but really isn't satisified until both ears get a turn.  Silly girl. 


last weekend

It seems like I'm always a little behind here on the ol' blog.  Here's what we were up to last weekend:
Playing in the snow. 

We have a future weather forecaster on our hands.  This last week the kids were all bundled up and ready to go to daycare, but we had a few minutes to play outside.  When I called them in to head to the car, Mason was carrying two of his big trucks in and Emma was following along with another truck in her hands.  When I asked Mason why he was bringing his trucks in he responded (as serious as can be)..."Mom, it looks like an early frost."
Next up it was two birthday parties.  On Saturday we headed to Olivia's minnie mouse party.  Emma hasn't taken her cute little ears off since.  Then we stopped to visit the newest little member of our extended family, Ella, a precious, tiny baby that is a huge answer to prayer after a complicated pregnancy for my cousin and coming quite a few weeks early.  Then we continued up to Greeley for Jackson's Thomas the train party.  We had dinner at an awesome chili cookoff (my brother-in-law entered some amazing green chili) and hung out with Nana and my sister and the boys.  The kids are getting way more into birthday parties, which is so fun.   

This weekend we're hanging at home, cleaning this house, and getting ready for company coming this week.  More cousin time!


doing a little reading

Just doing a little reading to Daisy Dog.

If You Give a Dog a Donut.  Good choice.