emma marie

Welcome to our family, emma marie. Our sweet girl was born on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 4:18 am. She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

Big brother Proud daddy Mommy We are home now and getting settled in. We have had so many wonderful friends and family stopping by both at the hospital and at home. We have been blessed with meals, hugs, and great memories already.


my boy

Well, my due date has come and gone. I guess that's the way I do babies since the same thing happened with mason. Speaking of the cutie...we spent the day doing boy things. Well, after we went to the library and had lunch with some friends. Mason got to play with his friend Ella and mommy got out of the house to help pass the time while we wait to meet this little one.After his nap we pretty much spent the entire afternoon playing cars.
We lined them up and zoomed them down the ramp. Then we parked them in the garage. I love his little "zoom" and "vroom" sounds.

He kept trying to fit the bus up the ramp and it just wouldn't work. Everytime he would say "too big" but he wouldn't give up. Thanks my sweet boy for a fun day. Maybe little sister will be here soon to play with us. We have so many fun things to teach her.



When I was pregnant with mason way back in 2009 we took this picture with my cousins and my sister. It was easter time and I still had about two months to go. We decided that we needed another one this time around. Only my sister was home with her sweet little one and we tried to get mason in on the tummy shot. He was slightly interested. Maybe it was a little too close to his bedtime.
I love my cousins so much. We've been spoiled lately having them home for spring break...a whole three week process since they all have different school schedules. I'm thankful for the time they get to spend with mason and I know they are looking forward to meeting this little girl as much as we are:)


39 weeks

Here I am in between 39 weeks and 40 weeks. Only 3 more days of work. I guess I couldn't have timed that better. Our last day of school before spring break is Thursday and I'm due on Friday. I'm fully expecting to go past my due date if this little girl is anything like Mason. And if my past few doctor appointments mean anything.

We'll see what happens this week.

I'm feeling pretty good! Besides mason using my belly as his personal jungle gym, I can't complain. We finally packed our hospital bag. We've decided on three name possibilities. We have cousins on hand to watch the dogs. A couple meals are in the freezer. So, now we're just playing the waiting game.


from the window

Mason and I spent most of the morning yesterday before church looking out the window. When we woke up, the huge herd of elk that hangs out a couple months out of every year was right across the way. We kept counting them over and over. Then some started jumping over the fence and mason kept chanting "1, 2, 3...jump!"
When we weren't watching the elk, we kept looking for airplanes. And trains. He has a sudden obession with both. I love our mornings together, especially on the weekends. I know that is going to change soon, so we're just soaking up this time with our little man.



Our new little nephew is here! Jackson was born last weekend and we were able to go visit him. It's hard to believe he is already over a week old.

There was a little confusion when we arrived at the hospital to visit them. I walked in carrying mason and we made our way to the map, trying to figure out where maternity was without looking completely clueless. We couldn't find it on the map and this nice looking older lady at the information desk was watching us so we headed her way. She asked how she could help. We told her we were trying to find maternity. Then she started freaking out. "Oh my goodness! Are you ready to go up now??" she frantically asked me. I started cracking up and explained that we were actually here to visit someone. Yeah, I hope when I go to the hospital and am about to give birth that we just casually walk in, me carrying mason, smiling like we don't have a care in the world.

We finally made it to my sister's room. It was awesome to see their new little family. My little sister is a mom. And Jackson was just as precious as could be. A true blessing.Mason wasn't so sure about his new cousin. Especially when I was holding him. He kept saying "no baby, no baby." He really has no idea what's coming:) He did eventually warm up to him and gave the official inspection: pointing to all his facial features...nose, eyes, cheeks, ears, chin, and hair (which he has a ton of!). Uncle Ryan! When ryan wasn't distracting mason so I could hold the little bundle of joy, he was getting his baby time in. We both forgot how little and scrunchie they are.

Congratulations sister! You have a beautiful baby boy and we love our little nephew so much!


37 weeks

We spent the weekend traveling across the state visiting newborn babies and attending a birthday party. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures at my bf's little girl's party. She turned one this week and we were able to celebrate with her. Another friend had her baby and so did my sister! Yeah for a new nephew. I did take plenty of pictures of him, which I will post later. I'm pretty sure I should be staying close to home for the next few weeks though as my turn to do the whole labor and delivery thing will be here soon.