an antique week

Every once in a while Ryan and I like to wander through antique stores. It's been a while since I posted my finds. Over a year ago we found these Well, we've sure been adding a few things to our house this week. Ryan and I stopped at many stores last weekend and his parents surprised me with a fun birthday gift. I didn't photo everything, but here are a few of our finds (and gifts).

My in-laws wrapped this fun old container with green checked fabric (I have a project in mind) and filled it with my birthday gifts. It now holds some lettuce pots in our greenhouse. When it gets warmer I'll plant something fun in it. Mason sure enjoyed helping me unpack it.

They got me two tall mason jars (on the left) and I found a bunch of knitting needles for $1.00 a set. The tall jars make a great holder! I also found a couple smaller mason jars. I love to use them for my crafty items. Some of these needles I already had, but check out those huge wooden ones I found. I can't wait to start a project with those. I also found two wire milk crates that I am using to stash my yarn in.
More goodies from Ryan's parents: a canning funnel (that has a screw-on attachment), an icecream scoop, a chicken cookie cutter(fun!), and a biscuit/tart/ravioli cutter.
They also found these cool garden tools that are now hanging in our greenhouse.

More finds: A couple of those mason jars I already mentioned. A fun old sewing pattern. I love that green planter box I found for $3.00. I am going to put it on a shelf in the bathroom with rolled up washcloths in it. And a few kitchen finds: a small whisk (mine broke) and a spice holder thingy (that's the technical term) for stews, soups, hot drinks and such. I feel some spiced wine coming on...without having to strain out all the good spices for each cup:)I was on the lookout for a potato masher. I've broken two so far. Is it just me or are things made more cheaply these days? This one with the cool red handle will last forever I think. So much sturdier. I have also been looking for an egg-beater. (especially after I broke my whisk:). This will be perfect for whipping up some scrambled eggs for little Mason.
See that cool contraption with the green handle? It's a doughnut cutter! I actually found two. I gave one to Hillary, since we've been working on our doughnut making skills.

Pretty neat, huh? I guess I better go put all this stuff away:)

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