still celebrating!

I love that I get to celebrate my birthday all month long! I got two fun cards when I checked the mail and they totally made me smile! The first one is from my dear friend Holly. I love the green (of course) and I really like how she cut out all those flowers. Very fun. And the ribbon is perfect :) Check out her new blog here. Thanks for thinking of me.

The second one is a brak from amy which was a fun surprise. The layout is really fun, I like the four squares and the scallop punch in the corner. These really made my day!


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome! Missing you, my friend...thanks for the inspiration to start a blog!
Love you :)

Mindy said...

Hi friend,
How fun, birthday wishes all month long! And it continues...we still on for Friday eve? Will give you a ring! (Wow, and thanks for the award! How fun. I am hoping to put that up sometime today and grant 5 more! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the card & hope you had a great birthday!