just like daddy

Mason is really into copying everything he sees around him. It's really quite interesting and entertaining to watch. When you least expect it, he will do or say exactly what you just did or said.
But, by far his favorite person to copy is daddy.

If daddy is building our closet shelves....mason grabs his hammer and builds too.
If daddy gets a drink while we are eating dinner...mason picks up his cup too.
If daddy leans against the counter...mason will too.
If daddy goes outside to get the firewood...mason runs along and carries his own piece in.
He is daddy's big helper.

The only thing he consistently copies mommy on is brushing teeth. As soon as he hears the drawer open in the bathroom he comes running in, saying "teef" and gets his toothbrush too.

Now, if he will only continue to copy our good habits!

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