christmas one

Our Christmas celebrating is all spread out this year. We celebrated last weekend with ryan's parents as they are now on their way to Germany. Mason woke up from his nap a little grumpy, but once he figured out the whole present thing he was on a roll. He tore the paper off in little bits and watched them drop to the floor. At least he didn't bring every single piece to the trashcan (only a couple).
We did have to take a little intermission for dinner since mason (and mama) were getting hungry. On the menu: french onion soup stuffed mushrooms, meatloaf, hot crash potatoes (all pioneer woman!), and caesar salad. We were all officially stuffed after the toffee mocha torte.

Next, mason opened a chainsaw which was the big hit! It's just like daddy's!
Mason wasn't so sure about the safety goggles, and me being the dork that I am decided to model them for him. I'm pretty sure this was not a good idea to capture on camera.
We all had a lovely evening!

Next stop is my aunt and uncle's house today with my mom's side of the family. There will be lots of warm soup and plenty of cookies. I'm loving all this time with family.

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Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

My friend! I wish you and your fantastic family Merry Christmas! And lots of gifts from Santa Clause! Greetings from England!