The addition is really coming along. Ryan has been working like crazy on it. Well, in between all the fun stuff we've been up to. It has been really nice to work on it as much as we can, but not to stress about getting it done right now. It's all about balance. And I use the term "we" very loosely. I can honestly say that I haven't been much help. Unless you call keeping Mason out of the mess helping. There's been lots of painting going on and I can't really help with that. There's also been lots of ceiling hanging...and it turns out I wasn't really tall enough for that. I did actually help with about 10 boards though I'll have you know:) Mostly I've been cheering him on and feeding him BLT's. And cleaning up. Mason helps with that too:

Here's what we have so far (and I realize now the lighting is pretty awful):

The floor is in, now we are just waiting for carpet for the rest (coming Thursday!!). The ceiling is hung and both light fixtures are up. We have the bathroom door on the left and our bedroom door on the right. We're still painting and hanging trim. And the floor really needs to be mopped. We've done it once, but we just keep tracking junk all over it from the unfinished parts of the house. I'll give it a good scrubbing after Thursday. Or maybe I can talk mason into it!

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