little bookworm

Mason has become quite the little bookworm lately. He loves to empty out his book basket one by one. He brings them all over to you and makes a really tall tower. Then he wants up. This now requires a few dance moves. He dances his feet around, raises up his arms, gives his most charming smile and keeps repeating "up-dy, up-dy" (up, please is what we're working on:)
But he really doesn't want to sit on your lap. Although I keep torturing him anyway and start him off on my lap. If he's really tired he'll cuddle up with you, otherwise he squiggles right next to you, into his own spot...on top of his perfectly placed tower of books.

We'll look at all the books. Then he'll want to go put them back in his book basket. One by one. Repeat about 100 times a day and you've achieved official bookworm status.

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Anonymous said...

He is an official bookworm!! He even knows how to read up-side down. What an over acheiver! He sure is a little cutie. Love you guys!