a new do

Hey Mason. How could we let your hair get so long? It was getting a little crazy looking. People were starting to comment. Family members were starting to comment. Mason was having a hard time seeing. It was time.

Now, I've tried a lot of things since Mason entered our lives, but cutting a toddlers hair was not one of them. I asked my cousin (the pro:) for help. She told me to just pull a section straight out, angle it, and cut away.
So we gave Mason a bag of animal crackers and started combing. And pulling. And angleing (is that a word?) And cutting. Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing. Mason couldn't stop moving. I kept saying "I don't know how to do this!" Yet we kept cutting.

And here's the new do. I'm pretty sure he thinking "what have you done to me??" And "can I please get down now?" It's pretty rough for him to be outside and have to be strapped into a chair. I want to run!! That's what he's thinking.

We spent the next while running around and playing hide and seek.
I love this one! You can totally see all the un-evenness that came from the pulling and angleing and cutting. Hey, at least it's shorter. I did follow him around for the rest of the evening with a pair of scissors because I kept noticing things.

Oh Mason. Your first haircut. Where has the time gone?

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Anonymous said...

i love the new do! It was great to see you guys this weekend. i love you!