things I'm loving...

  • a vase full of flowers from our garden
  • surprise weekend visits from my sister and her husband
  • the way mason raises his arms and makes a little puff sound when he tries to say "up"
  • canning (so far peaches, pears, and beets. And green chilis tomorrow.)
  • chilly mornings
  • picking tomatoes from the greenhouse
  • my job
  • arby's
  • all the progress on our addition (two weeks until carpet!)
  • good friends
  • watching mason play with ruby
  • bagels for breakfast with freshly ground almond butter
  • watching Friends with ryan in the evening
  • chasing mason around the house and hearing him giggle
  • 3 day weekends

a few things I'm not loving so much:

  • car shopping...I hit a deer on the highway and had to say goodbye to our little red subaru
  • the never-ending stickyness in the kitchen from all the canning of fruit
  • liars
  • mason waking up early in the morning, standing up in his crib and turning on the light (did I mention that his bedroom will have carpet in two weeks...almost time for him to move in!)
  • second graders who insist on tasting our science experiments

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