a boy and his dog.

Daisy usually doesn't stray too far from the little one. Java prefers to keep her distance unless of course mason is eating. It's nice having a clean up crew. Mason sure has taken a liking to Daisy. He even grabbed her face between his two hands and tried to give her a kiss. Daisy has got to be the most mellow dog because I'm pretty sure she didn't even budge. This is about as close as mason gets to snuggling. He is constantly asking to be "up" but he doesn't mean to sit on your lap. He wants to sit in his own spot, right next to you. And he wants to pile as many toys as possible on his lap. It's a pretty fun game.
But this boy sure knows how to play hard and he will let you know when he's ready to sleep. Then you might get a few snuggles in. He'll start rubbing his eyes and crawl up next to you for a few minutes of lovin' before he heads off to bed. And in the morning one of the first things he does is stand up and call his dogs. He likes to play a few rounds of peek-a-boo with them and give Daisy a few pats on the head before he's ready to get up and start playing again.

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