lemon madeleines

This pan has been sitting on my counter ever since Mindy gave it to me a couple weeks ago.

I finally had time to make some madeleines yesterday morning. They were quite easy. I followed the recipe that can be found here. They turned out light and cakey with just a hint of lemon. Next time I might try the orange zest instead of the lemon and dip the tips in chocolate.

Not much to say today. I have an insane amount of yarn and fabric to put away from my trip to the big city yesterday and lots of projects to start. But it's Saturday. And Ryan's home. That means we are working on the addition while trying to stay warm:)


Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

They look fantastic! I am going to try to make them or like them. Thanks for recipe's link.

Hillary said...

I can vouch for these being delicious!

But I definitely think you should make the orange and chocolate ones because how can you go wrong with chocolate+orange?!

but first-cinnamon rolls, dresses, diapers, blankets and hats.

Cindy said...

I want to get the madeleines "tray" to make these! I love the plain ones with the tips in dark chocolate!! Yummy! Also dipped in some fresh strawberry preserves is good!