8 months

Dear Mason,

How does it feel to be 8 months old? Yeah, I thought so. You are loving life. And doing a pretty good job of keeping us on our toes. We just can't get enough of you and we are so thankful for the joy you bring to our lives.

At 8 months, Mason, you

~scoot all over the floor and our laps
~are still toothless:)
~can pick up foods and feed yourself

You love your bathtime. When we lay you on your back you love to kick both legs at the same time. When you are sitting up you love to splash and play with your toys. When you grab your washcloth it goes straight into your mouth.
And you are such a bundle of energy when you get out of the tub. It's one of our favorite times of the day. We put you on the bed and play and play. You are so much fun, giggling and squirming all over the place.
It takes forever to get your lotion and your pajamas on, but we don't mind.
~you love all foods
~you can say dada and mama (but don't really know what they mean...except for mama of course:)
~can get up on all fours, but haven't figured out that you can crawl
~love to point to things with one finger
~are obsessed with anyone with buttons on their shirt

~smile almost every time we get out the camera
~are a happy, mellow baby
~talk all day long
~are known to cry when I leave the room (it's ok, dude...I will be right back)
~sleep in the car
~love to be outside
~love to look at all the new things surrounding you

Mason, you are such a sweetheart. Your smile melts my heart. I love you so much and am so thankful for you.




Hillary said...

Happy 8 months, sweet boy!

He looks SO chunky in the bath picture-haha, he has a frog belly!

Mason, Ruby wants you to know that she is planning a date night with you (and your Mom has to come) like...this weekend? Please tell her you didn't forget Valentine's day. ;)

Mindy said...

I can't believe how much he is growing. You guys are such an adorable family. :) Yay for a happy baby!

Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

Very sweet, lovely boy and only one month older than my the younges daughter!My daughter sits very well and she has two teeth.