right now

A few things I'm loving right now:

~mason singing songs

~new friends

~fresh basil from the greenhouse (I'm putting it in everything!)

~afternoon rain showers and rainbows out our window

~emma snuggles

~playdates at the park

~buttermilk vanilla bean cake

~emma giggles

~making cards

~new library books

~trying new recipes

~chasing mason around

~watching mason help stack firewood

~ryan's sourdough bread

~family walks in the evening

~planning vacations for next summer

~working in my classroom a little here and there

~handwritten notes from my best friend

~ice water...the colder the better these days

~lazy summer days

Not so much:


~laundry...it's never ending

~critters nibbling on our plants in the garden

~lonely doggie howls from Daisy...missing her pal, Java I suppose

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