4 months

Happy 4 months, sweet Emma girl. This has been a busy month for you. You have become quite the little gymnist. You have perfected the art of lunging out of the arms of anyone who is holding you. You arch your back and throw your head back. You're lucky we haven't dropped you. You have also managed to do a near-flip out of your carseat and bumbo on several occasions. You have mastered rolling over. And most recently you have been spotted laying on your tummy, getting those knees up under you with your little bum in the air. You scoot and roll all over the place. Gone are the days of finding you exactly where I left you!

You've also turned into the girl-who-hates-riding-in-the-car. Anytime we go anywhere over about 30 minutes (which is everywhere except going into town) you grace us with your cries and screams. It's lovely. Especially when Mason joins in, "stop crying! stop crying! Emma NOT happy!" Good times. You make up for it with your sweet snuggles when we get wherever it is we're going.

You adore your brother (and he adores you). Sometimes he is the only one who can make you stop mid-cry and smile. He makes you laugh with his sillyness. Which in turn makes him act all the more silly. It's a delight to watch your face light up when he plays with you.

At 4 months, Emma, you:

~don't care for your baths
~usually take 2 good naps
~prefer to sleep on your tummy or your side
~smile, "talk", and giggle
~roll over constantly
~grab on to anything within your reach
~like to be sung to
~love to watch the ceiling fan
~are a little scared of loud noises
~have just about the fastest growing fingernails and have gotten a scratch or two
~respond when we talk to you
~are so full of energy and hardly ever lay still

We love you baby girl, more than you know!



aimymichelle said...

she is so adorable

Mindy said...

Wow, 4 months! She looks like Mason in that second pic :) Cutie.