a little dirt

We've spent a lot of time this summer cutting firewood. Call me crazy, but I actually like the whole getting firewood process. You get to be outside, prepare for the coming winter, and get a workout all at the same time. We usually spend the day cutting (always bring a picnic!) and loading the truck. Then we bring it all home and unload it. We usually spend a few evenings splitting and stacking it. I love stacking it...it is so satisfying to see the rows fill up. And freshly cut wood smells so good. It is a little different with kiddos though. Now when we go I spend a lot of time doing this:

while mason does this. Sometimes he brings his fishing pole too. The creek is pretty dry this year, but he still manages to "catch" some fish. Daddy takes a break to help with all the fishing.

We've spent several days hanging out and Ryan had a lot of wood cut. On Friday we brought about two cords home (thanks to our new truck that holds just under two cords!) and split it all and stacked most of it.

Today Grammie came to watch Mason and Emma while Ryan and I went and cut some more and get another load. I spent most of the day throwing logs down the hill, putting them in the truck, getting in the truck to stack them and then heading back up the hill. Luckily, the rain held out until we were done. We were filthy when we got home. Gotta love a little dirt now and then!


Anonymous said...

Mason is quite the little fisherman! Gotta love the dirt! I still have never been to that property! Hopefully soon!

Mindy said...

So good to see you and the little ones today, friend--I'm glad we could hang. :) Birthday picnics rock! Cute outdoor pics of you and the fam--Mason sure is learning a lot!