who knew?

We got the Cabela's catalog in the mail a few days ago. I'm talking the huge hard cover bound catalog. The one that weighs about 5 pounds. It wouldn't fit in our PO Box and when Ryan went to pick it up from the ladies behind the counter, they were laughing about the huge stack they still had to disperse. Apparently those are pretty popular around these parts.
Well, who knew that it would become Mason's new favorite book. We've probably looked at it at least 20 times a day. He tries to carry that thing over to your lap and wants to "read" it with you. Every single big game animal in there is referred to as "moose" and all the black labs are "Java". He also loves to point to all the shoes and hats and repeat to words over and over. He's very picky though. Sometimes he wants you to turn the pages and sometimes he doesn't want you to touch the book at all....he will do it himself.
Thanks Cabela's for the hours of entertainment. And the dent in our bank account since ryan has had so many extra opportunities to peruse through it.

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Marylin said...

you need to send this in to Cabelas. They'd love it :)