It's been awhile. I've missed you. I haven't been around the computer much, and while I've enjoyed the break, I miss documenting the little things that fill our lives these days. And the big things. Like two preggo sisters. I've spent most of my free time (read 20 minutes here and there) working on a little project for my soon-to-be nephew. And I finished it just in time for my sister's baby shower this past weekend. Can I just say I love being pregnant together. My sister is such a sweet, special, awesome girl and I loved being able to throw a shower for her (along with my mom and help from my cousins!) and celebrate this new stage of her life.
The whole fam. We got a lot of pictures with our friends too, but this one is my favorite. All the cousins and aunties.

Good food complete with chocolate dipped pretzals (thanks karly and ryan who did the last batch while I worked on the blanket) and a rice crispy boot (thanks lacy and marylin for your last minute assembly).

And the labor of love that kept me busy for the last few weeks. I have been wanting to make this blanket ever since I saw it in a book that my bf mindy gave me years ago. After I saw my sister's nursery (totally cowboy) I knew it would be perfect.
That's just a small slice of what's been going on here lately, but it's a good start. Hopefully I'll be around here a bit more. I still have a ton of projects I'm in the middle of and I am on an organizing kick. Plus, one of these days we'll start hanging some things on the bare walls and finish all the little details of the addition. I'm having fun dreaming and planning...


Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

You look great! You are very lucky to have a lots friends aroud you! Greetings!

Kati's Keepsake said...

SISTER!!! I loved my shower! Thank you so much! And I love the cow print blanket and I know Jackson will love it too! You have been super busy! I have such a wonderful sister and i love being Preggo with you! Soon we will have two more little ones runnning around! Can't wait!