These are a few of the projects I've made this winter. Most were Christmas gifts (working towards all homemade gifts...maybe next year:) and one birthday gift. I guess I'm on a scarf kick (and I didn't even get pictures of them all...there are four more...)

I made this one for my mom. At first I didn't like how wide it was, but when it was all done I almost wanted to keep it for myself. It's so warm and you can fold the whole thing in half. Plus, I love the self-striping yarn. This one was for a four-year-old who loves accessories. I actually got it done in one day. I may be addicted to making these little ones.
For my cousin karly, a pair of fingerless gloves. I told her they make awesome driving gloves, but that may be better suited for the fall and spring since your whole hand doesn't quite stay warm:) And since when is my "little" cousin driving anyway?

This striped scarf went to my cousin, lacy. I need to get some circular needles and try the stripes again. Lots and lots of weaving in the ends my friends.
I wish I had pictures of the other little gifts I made. It felt so nice to make something for the people I love. And later this week I am totally going to a learn-to-knit-socks group. I heard all the other ladies are retired, so I'm sure I'll fit right in:) I'm planning to make a tangled fool of myself, but I can't seem to stop with the knitting needles and the yarn.


Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

Lovely scarfs! Warm. Great presents. Handmade presents are fantastic. Can I have question? You know- English is not my fisrt language and sometimes I confused. I was looking for in many books but I didn't find answer for my problem. How to write handmade; handmade or hand made. I always have probles with it. Thank you very much.

Mindy said...

These look great! I'm so impressed with how much you've knit this last year. I keep wishing it will get colder so Liv can wear her hat and scarf! :)