7 months

Dear Dad and Mom,

Mason here. You know, the little guy that has rocked your world for the last 7 months. I just wanted to let you both know that I love you so much. That's why I smile and laugh when you walk into the room. That's why I cry so you will hold me.

I hear that there are going to be a few new little ones around here soon ( a friend in March, and a cousin in May). I can't wait because I'm pretty sure that you two don't really understand what I'm saying, even though I talk and talk. It's ok that they will both be girls. I'm getting pretty used to it since I get to hang out with Ruby all the time. Pretty soon I will be able to pull her cute little pigtails. Oh, and would you please tell her mom that I'm sorry about the major blowout the other day (daddy told me to do it....something about her making fun of the way he says puree:) Oh, and another thing...mommy....I'm pretty sure I saw daddy leave that bag of dirty clothes in the back of the truck. He said something about a frozen surprise for you.

This is me contemplating a life surrounded by girls.
Daddy says when I'm older, it will be a good thing.
Thank you for all the new fruits and vegetables you are feeding me. I haven't tried one yet that I don't like. But of course I'm a lot more interested in what's on your plates and in your glasses. Won't you please share with me? This time I'll only drool a little bit into your cup.
Thanks for all the fun baths. And they really are fun now that I can wiggle about more and reach for my toys. Splashing is pretty fun too.

I'm pretty sure that Daisy and Java have figured out that I'm their new master. We have a great way of communicating. I tell them what to do and they lick my hand in submission. I taught them to guard my toys, blankets, and pillows while I'm napping. It's ok. Really. I don't mind sharing with them.

What do you think of my new game? I call it "Guess What Position I'll Wake Up In." I love flipping, flopping, rolling over and sticking my feet up in my sleep. Hey, at least I'm sleeping. Thanks for such a big crib to move around in. It's fun to make you laugh in the morning when you see how I've landed. You really should take some pictures so you don't forget.

Can you believe how much I'm moving around? Since you're rookie parents (I put in to be the youngest, but oh well...I guess I can teach you the ropes) I should remind you not to leave me unattended unless I'm on the floor or buckled into something safe. You see I'm forever toppling over, reaching for things, and just trying to figure out exactly what to do with my arms and legs. I'm glad you find me so entertaining! You keep laughing and I'll keep being the center of attention, ok?

You really are the coolest parents ever. (Mommy told me to say that.)




Hillary said...

It's okay Mason..you just keep pooping over here and I'll repay you at your wedding with some cute baby stories ;)

I can't believe you are already 7 months-take good care of that mommy and daddy-be sure to keep them in line and remind them who is boss.

Mindy said...