I love breakfast. I love to make breakfast. I love to try new recipes for breakfast. Ryan and I almost always cook breakfast on the weekends and eat together. Sometimes I make it (usually on Saturday) and sometimes he makes it (usually on Sunday). A few weeks ago, my best friend Mindy reminded me of the importance of slowing down and enjoying the morning. This is easy for us to do on the weekends, but not so much during the week. During the week we get up at different times and Ryan is usually heading out the door while I am just starting to make my breakfast. So, we don't get to eat together. And usually when I am eating breakfast I have the laptop in my face taking a moment to catch up on things. But, I've been trying to take a little time for me in the morning and enjoy our view out the window, pray over my day, and just have some quiet time. It's been wonderful. Of course, I still love our weekend breakfasts together.

Last weekend we tried a few new things. On the menu:

mushroom and onion tartlets

fruit salad (with grapefruit, oranges, figs, and kumquats)

orange cranberry bread (sooo good, a little gift from mindy).

We had never tried fresh figs or kumquats before. They were a fun addition. The figs were slightly out of season (who knew they were a summer fruit?) but still sweet and delicious. I can't wait to try some when they are in season. And the kumquats were a burst of sweet and tartly sour at the same time. Fun! Take some time to enjoy your breakfasts this week, friends.


Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

I love fruit salat and I made sametimes for somebody birthday or special day. We have breakfast together only on Sundays .....if we no hurry to church of course. But dinner - yes -dinner we have together!

Mindy said...

Looks wonderful! I found a recipe for a fruit salad that included star fruit... oh, it looked soo good, I'll have to forward it onto you. Yay for breakfast!