first christmas

We had a great Christmas. We were blessed to be able to spend time with both families. Even though Ryan was sick (grocery store runs for 7-up and juice) and Mason was a little fussy and plugged up (grocery store runs for prune juice) we enjoyed our holiday. But, it's good to be back home:)
Mason impressed us all with his little drummer boy ability and entertained himself at Grampa's and Grammie's with a paper plate and measuring spoon. He even helped open a few presents. He is loving all his new toys!
At Papa's house we whipped out the Christmas costumes. He was a good sport while we all laughed and took pictures. He provided more than enough entertainment.
It was so wonderful to celebrate his first Christmas with friends and family. During all the visiting, opening presents, playing games, and laughing, it's important to remember that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

May you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

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