saturday plans

This is where we will be spending our weekend. Out in the addition. It's a little cold out there. (Ok, after a couple hours it's a lot cold out there.) There's no insulation yet. But, that's ok because there's work to be done and we have a warm fire in the wood stove waiting for us in the "old" part of the house. And the sun is supposed to be out today. And we have lots of coffee.

These are a few pictures from last weekend. Ryan was finishing framing out the closets in the bedrooms. Today we have some long pieces of lumber to unload from the trailer and some ceiling joists to hang. Then it will be time to run wires for the electricity. We thought we would get to that last weekend, but everything takes longer than you think with a baby in the middle of it all:) I'm sure Mason will be a big help again today. Gotta love that little guy.

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Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

You've got fantastic family. I like to read about you and your family life.I have tree children (girls) and the youngest is only 5 (nearly 6) months old. Your dogs are very pretty! I realy enjoy this page! Thanks!