one month

Well, I am a couple days late in posting this seeing as you turned one month on July 8th. Life has just been a little busy these days, but I figure better late than never!

At one month, Mason, you:

~sleep in your cradle at night, for 4, 5, or 6 hours at a time (thank you!)
~are starting to smile
~can roll over from your tummy to your back
~love to snuggle
~recognize your mommy's and daddy's voice
~almost always fall alseep in the car
~like to go for walks in your stroller
~are long and thin ( we love your little chicken legs:)
~are starting to coo and make noises other than crying
~are changing so much everyday
This month has flown by. You bring such pure joy to our lives. We love you!!



Anonymous said...

So sweet!! Thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie said...

These are great postings and pictures. I love seeing Mason and hearing about all of the things he does. Camping is pretty easy. Take lots of wipes, but other then that they just do the same things they do at home. It also makes it easier if you are nursing.
Miss you, Stephanie

Mindy said...

Aww. It was so good to see you, Leez, and meet little Mason! I'm glad we don't live too far away from each other. :) Have a wonderful Monday friend!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my little over-achiever nephew. I love the pictures, you look great and you have a perfect baby boy!

Carisa said...

awwww, leanne, he is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I will always try to keep in touch!