colored pencils

So yesterday my friend Stephanie came over for a little stamping time and she had all her sharpened colored pencils in a cute bucket and they just looked like fun. So I decided to try my hand at coloring with the pencils and a little OMS. Not too shabby, but I still need some practice I'd say. Either way it was lots of fun and now I'll have to get my colored pencils out more often.
I just love this cute little Flopsey with his nose in a book. I went for a walk on Main Street today after lunch with the hubby and a couple of friends passing through town and I ended up at the library. I just got one book because I didn't want to carry a stack of books and Mason around town:) Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day friends.


Mindy said...

Cute! I love colored pencils...I have a jar of them on my nightstand to underline quotes when I'm reading. I have some watercolor pencils which are great, but I've only used them a few times. I should break those out again.

I'm sure Mason is loving his walks! I hope you enjoy your day!

Stephanie Hargis said...

And they turned out fabulous! :D I really like how you finished the other card! It's really sweet! You made that giant image look good! Hehe!