campfire riley

I got some card time in yesterday. Mason took a really good nap and my friend Hillary came over. I must admit that I got more done while Mason was napping than when Hillary was here. We spent most of our time chatting and keeping the babies happy:) It was fun though. I used this campfire riley image that I got from wish-rak to make a boyish birthday card. I never have enough of those on hand. It makes me want to go camping! We have two trips in the works for this summer. Anybody ever take a newborn camping? Any tips? Thanks for stopping by today. I am off to make some biscotti and water the garden. Have a happy Tuesday friends.

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Hillary said...

it's so much harder to get things done with the babies! I vote that we make the guys hold their own play date with the kiddos while we make cards, haha.

Love this card-but you already knew that. :)