sourdough pancakes

Good morning! We are still in the middle of a busy weekend with my cousin graduating from high school! My sister and her husband are staying here with us and we have lots more family and friends at my aunt's house and here in town! It's been great visiting with everyone! Even though we've been on the run most of the weekend, we have had to make time for some tasty food. Yesterday morning we made sourdough pancakes...a favorite weekend breakfast for Ryan and I.

Yum! Today it's just scrambled eggs and blueberry scones and then after church my cousin is having her graduation party!

Only 10 more days until Baby is due:) My whole family is making bets on the actual arrival. What do you think?


Jenny said...

Hope you are having fun with all of you're family! Hope you are feeling well! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment on my card!

Hillary said...

Ahh, those sound delicious-I have an obsession with sourdough things. Do you have your own sourdough starter?

I think the baby will come on the 4th. :) I can't wait to see the little man. I'm going to bring a whole parade to the hospital because I know that's just what you'll want after having him!!

Mindy said...

I'm going for the anniversary date... the 5th. :) I can't believe he's almost here, Leez!! I can't wait to meet him!