First, I wanted to show off this cute card that I got from my bf mindy. I just love the layout and I plan on casing my own very soon! I have a lot of ribbon to use up, and I love how she looped it around the two layers! Today is her birthday, so be sure to head over and wish her a happy one!Thanks for the happy mail friend!

Next, I just had to show you this cute scrap bag that my good friend Sarah gave me. Her grandmother made it. Isn't it the best? I love those bright colors and it is way more fun than hauling a trashcan around. It has sand (or something like it) in the top part and it just hangs on the table. The hearts sort of remind me of the care bears and that just makes me smile:)

Lastly, we inherited a little puppy (he's about a year old) from some friends who had to get rid of him. We are keeping him until we can find another home. His name is Lucky and he looks like a miniture Java (our other dog) but he is quickly becoming buddies with Daisy. Isn't this the cutest picture?! He is so sweet and cuddly...I don't know if I want to pass him on! But, seriously, what would we do with three dogs?

Ok, you really can't go wrong with cards from your best friend, functional and cute trash cans, or adorable puppies. I hope something from this post made you smile! Have a happy day.


Mindy said...

Aww, glad you liked the card. LOVE the trashcan. :) And that dog is a doll!! It will be so hard to give her up!

Anonymous said...

I just love your little scrap bag ... fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

Awwe I love your bloodhound. I have a bassett hound! Taking my bassett for a walk is no fun though. He has to smell everything!
Has his nose to the ground and stops like every other feet.
Tucson, AZ