bring it on

A while back my best friend Mindy posted about this scarf and I made the comment that if I posted a yarn project of my own, then she would have to post some scrapbooking! She replied with "bring it on." So, here is my yarn creation. Nothing as cool as her scarf, but a dishcloth and pot holder will have to do. You may wonder why I only have one pot holder. I actually made two of these for my aunt's birthday last year. A few days ago she informed me that one of them went up in flames. So, I made her another one. I have never made a dishcloth before (but I received a really cute lime green one as a gift) and I wanted to try. I would still like to figure out how to make a border/edge around it. I also have some yarn stashed away for a scarf. Hopefully I can get it started soon. So, Minnz....I'm waiting for some scrapbooking girly:)
Have a happy day.

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Mindy said...

Wow! Love the color.

Oh, so... Our bet was for real...??? ;) It's on it's way...