2 months

Happy 2 Months Caleb!  

You are growing like crazy.  You change so much every day and we are still captivated by you! 
You are such a happy baby.  You are starting to smile when we talk to you.  You are pretty content to be on the floor, in your bouncy chair, or in the arms of one of us.  Mason and Emma ask to hold you all day long and you generally allow them to without too much of a fuss. 

 What's happening at two months:

~you are a great traveler and usually fall asleep in the car
~you are so easy to put to bed (usually between 7:00 and 8:00)
~you enjoy bathtime
~you don't really have a nap schedule yet...just sleeping whenever it suits you
~when you are awake, you are very alert and happy
~you hardly fuss
~you can't make it through a church service yet without having to nurse
~you like when Mason and Emma talk and sing to you (Emma sings to you a lot in the car, mostly songs she makes up on the spot)
~you just moved out of the cradle into the crib

We love you so much sweet boy!