rain and a horse

Just enjoying a little afternoon rainstorm.  It's been lovely to see the clouds rolling in and feel the breeze cooling everything off.

Then we hear the loud thunks of hail on the greenhouse and watch our garden turn to shreds.

We got another small hailstorm that is making for some slow progress in the garden.  The plants aren't totally destroyed but just enough that we need to wait for new leaves to grow and continue on their merry way.

All three kids love being outside.  Caleb turns his head to the breeze and shows his contentment, often even smiling.  This works well for placing him in the shade while we pull weeds or stack firewood.  Mason is a hard worker, never wanting to stop for a break.  Emma will take a break every chance she gets to "check on Caleb."  That's an important job too.  Keeping everyone happy.

It's been awesome to watch them discovering new things every time we're outside. Ants, grasshoppers, yarrow, purple flowers, and rocks are becoming part of daily conversations.

On one of our recent evening walks Emma had a new experience:

One of our neighbor's horses came running towards us.  As soon as Emma notices she exclaims, {eyes wide in astonishment, stopping in her tracks}  "Horses can run!  I didn't know that could do that!!"

Oh to experience summer through the eyes of a child!

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