july in the garden

I wish I was better at recording our gardening endeavors so we could read them from year to year.  I have a gardening journal that I started way back in 2007.  I start off great at the beginning of the season, sketching our garden and where we planted everything.  And that's about as far as I get.  So seven years later I'm about 15 pages in.  

That leaves us always asking things like:

When did we start the tomato seeds last year?
Was that 2009 or 2010 when it snowed in June?
Which type of tomato kept rotting on the bottom?
Do you remember that kind of zucchini that we didn't really like?
And the list goes on.

Oh well.  I guess the best part is that we're doing this whole gardening like, learning as we go and really enjoying it.  

Our greenhouse looks more like a jungle these days.  The tomato plants are getting more and more little green tomatoes every day.  The basil is overflowing.  Pesto making in the near future! The peas are about done, but we are still getting a few here and there.  The swiss chard has offered us several side dishes and is still doing well.  Just gathered another bunch this morning.

The pepper plants are starting to flower.  

We spent the afternoon yesterday enjoying a break from all the afternoon rain storms we've been getting.  Mason and I pulled all the weeds in the big garden.  Emma read books to Caleb on the porch and daddy split firewood. 

We got a hailstorm about a week ago that shredded a lot of the big leafy stuff in the garden, but Mason and I found lots of new growth.  The cabbage may come back.  We have several rows of carrots (our hardest thing to get to sprout).  The beans are looking good as well as the beets.  Mason pulled all the weeds around the sunflowers he planted.  They're doing really well. 

We all came in hot, tired and covered in dirt.  Rootbeer floats were definitely in order!


Mindy said...

Wow, that looks awesome! Well done :)

Cindi said...

I would work that hard for a root beer float any day! :)