in the garden

Well, the garden has been struggling this year.  The same afternoon that we took these pictures we got not one, but two, hailstorms.  Just when it's starting to bounce back another one rolls through.  Makes us love the greenhouse even more!  We're still crossing our fingers for some veggies when it's all said and done.


Corn standing tall.  It's been damaged the least.

Our meat birds....growing bigger and bigger.
Carrots in the front and peas in the back.  The peas are loving the cooler nights after the afternoon thunder storms.
Cabbage in the front, beans in the back. Potatoes in the way back.
Beets in the front (shredded leaves), more beans in the back. Sunflowers in the way back.
Mason took a picture of the sunflowers he planted. They're getting very tall, but the leaves have taken a few more hits. 

Cute kids in the middle of everything!

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Mindy said...

Mason and Emma are precious. They are going to be so good at this stuff when they get older! Look at all that! (Our garden is quiet and nonexistent this year, aside from a few straggling sweet peas (flowers) :)... which makes me sad as I bought quite a few squash seeds I wanted to plant. Sad face. Next year!)