Ryan and I cashed in one of our Christmas presents: a night at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, complete with a night of babysitting from the grandparents.  We had a wonderful time.  We spent all morning hiking near the Chalk Cliffs.  We had picnic lunch and just kept on going, with no particular path or trail in mind.  It was a beautiful day.  Of course I left the sunscreen in the car and got just a little fried.

After our hike we headed to the hot springs to enjoy the warm weather and soak for a bit.  Our room wasn't ready yet, so we just headed to the spa and sat for a couple hours in one of the cooler pools.  When they finally gave us our room key we were in for a bit of a surprise when we walked in....it was somebody's else's room.   At least that's what we thought from the looks of it. The beds weren't made and there were pillows and blankets all over. Turns out there was a little miscommunication between housekeeping and the front desk which translated to a poolside cabin upgrade for me and the hubby! 
It was pretty funny really, but we weren't  complaining.  It made the trip just that much nicer.  We unloaded all our gear and headed into town for dinner.  We went to one of our favorite pizza places (actually we like the salads there almost more than the pizza!), called Amicas.  Then we picked up some items from a bakery on main street for breakfast the next day.  By then the hot springs were calling our name again.

We found ourselves in the company of a really sweet couple for a majority of the evening.  We talked about kids, parenting, school, and small-town living.  They headed off for dinner and we stayed long enough to watch the stars come out.

After sleeping in until eight (I really don't know the last time that happened!) we hit up the hot springs for one last dip.  Then we went to our favorite coffee shop, Bongo Billy's, and spent the rest of the day at some antique shops.  We found a lot of fun items and actually have a few more things hanging on our walls now.  We are so thankful for that thoughtful gift from Ryan's parents. 


Kati's Keepsake said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I am glad you and Ryan got a night out!

Anonymous said...

You completely deserved it! Yeah for you!